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Chrystian Contreras Luna

Kennel Assistant

Hi, my name is Chrystian and I'm a kennel assistant here at Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic. Before I begin talking about my experience here at this clinic, let me tell you guys as to how I got here. I was born in Mexico but lived most of my life here in Houston, Texas. Throughout most of my childhood I knew that I wanted to have a career that involved animals in some way and it wasn't till a veterinarian made an impact on not only my dog's life but also mine that I decided to pursue such a profession. Having said that, I have been enrolled at the University of Houston in hopes of finishing up a degree in Biology. It was not long after finishing up a spring semester that I had found out about this clinic. Until this point in my life, I did not have much experience working in a veterinary work environment but boy did that quickly change. While most of my job focus is in the boarding care of the patients that stay here with us at Washington Heights, that has not stopped me from learning more and growing as a person thanks to the amazing staff that I get to work with. This place is like a second home to me and working here definitely brings me joy when taking care of all of our four-legged friends that come through our doors. Thank you for hearing me out, I'll be waiting for you and your beloved pet's visit here at Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic. Take care.

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