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Veronica Coronado

Lead Veterinary Assistant

I have been working with dogs and cats for over 12 years. My passion for them lies in their care, behavior and well-being. I enjoy helping people to better care for their pets by sharing some of the experiences I have had over the years. My wife and I both work in the veterinary field. We rescue seniors and give them all of the love and care their little hearts can handle until they take their final breath. We are currently caring for 7 dogs and 10 cats with this number going up as well as down all year every year. Some of them we raised from babies but most of them we rescued from a premature and unhappy end in the winter of their days. We love our work. It is literally our whole life from sunup to sundown and sometimes in the middle of the night. We will continue to save as many as we can because they all deserve a chance to live a happy life no matter how they came into this world and no matter their age or ailments. I'm lucky to have married someone with the same sickness as me. Rescu-itis. It's chronic and persistent.

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