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Boarding Agreement: Cat

MEDICATIONS: $3 each day for oral or topical medication, $6 each day for insulin injections

(1) All pets must meet hospital's vaccination requirements (Rabies, FVRCP) and have a negative intestinal parasites test within six month of boarding date, as parasites can be spread through stool. Any pet with fleas or ticks will be treated at client's expense to prevent spread/infestation to other pets or employees

(2) Is your pet in need of a medical services while boarding?
If any minor abnormalities (e.g suspected ear infection, loose stools, etc. )are noted upon boarding entrance examination or during your pet's stay. do we have permission to begin treatment?

In the event of a minor or major emergency, or if immediate treatment is deemed necessary by a veterinarian, WHVC will attempt to contact the client. If a client cannot be reached, pet will be treated at client expense.

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