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Boarding and Daycare

Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic offers medical boarding and day care for pets in need of specialized care but not requiring 24-hour monitoring. This includes pets with chronic illness, under treatment for minor illness or injury, recovering from a medical procedure, mobility issues, or of advanced age.

We understand how difficult it can be to be away from a beloved pet, especially one requiring advanced care. Boarding your pet with us ensures that a skilled team that knows your pet’s medical history is overseeing their care. This care will be directed by your pet’s veterinarian and carried out by one of our highly trained veterinary technicians who will provide you with daily updates. You will always be kept informed of any observed changes or needed adjustments to their care.

Every effort will be made to keep your pet comfortable during their stay. This includes pain management, ergonomic bedding, support assisted walks for patients with mobility issues, additional potty breaks for puppies or pets with incontinence, and of course lots of belly rubs and plenty of attention from our pet dedicated staff.

We know that being away from home is a stressful experience for many pets. To reduce anxiety, numerous calming aids are used throughout the clinic. Pheromone sprays and diffusers like Adaptil and Feliway, white noise machines, soothing music, and visual barriers are used to help boarders feel at ease during their stay. Our cat condos are also designed with several hideaway spots, making it easier for feline boarders to acclimate to a new environment. Pets still exhibiting high levels of anxiety will be brought to the attention of our clinical staff. To make their stay as pleasant as possible, one of our veterinarians may recommend an anti-anxiety medication for your pet to take while boarding. For geriatric pets a change in routine can be difficult. All efforts will be made to stick to your pet’s normal routine.

Boarding your pet at the vet offers a convenient opportunity to stay on top of their health. All pets boarding with our clinic receive a comprehensive exam by a veterinarian upon arrival, and we provide a treatment plan for any abnormalities found during this entrance exam. As an existing patient with our hospital, they also have the option to receive their next wellness services during their stay. You may even elect to combine a boarding stay with a surgical procedure such as a spay or neuter, or dental cleaning, following which we will monitor your pet and provide unparalleled care during their recovery.

We also offer bathing the morning of pickup, so that your dog comes home smelling and feeling fresh! Baths are offered for an additional charge and require later pickup times.

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