Emergency and Urgent Care

Emergencies happen - we're here to help.

We know how difficult a medical emergency with your pet can be and we are here for you during this stressful time. Should your pet need urgent care during clinic hours we are available to get your loved one on the road to recovery. The worry of an uncertain prognosis of a beloved pet can be unbearable. With this in mind, we promise to prioritize your pet's treatment and diagnosis, provide timely status updates on their progress, and ensure you are fully informed of all the treatment options available. We will continue to be here for you once your pet is discharged by following up on their progress at home and answering any of your questions or concerns. While we are not a 24-hour facility, we have a highly trained medical team ready to stabilize a patient so that they may be transferred to a facility for 24-hour support. We routinely collaborate with Vergi and Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists in the recovery of critical patients. Overnight hospitalization at our facility is available to patients deemed well enough to be without continuous monitoring.

What happens during my pet's emergency?

In a medical emergency, your pet will be taken to the treatment area for immediate assessment by one of our doctors. A technician will meet with you in an exam room to obtain your pet's information and relevant history. This information will be relayed to the treating doctor and a medical treatment plan will be determined. The technician will return to discuss the doctor’s recommendations and answer any questions you may have, and the doctor will not leave your pet's side until they are stable. Once they are, the doctor will contact you to discuss further recommendations. If it is determined that your pet needs urgent care by a fully equipped emergency facility, the doctor will call in a referral and any lab results and all medical notes will be transferred, to make the transition of care seamless.

Overnight Monitoring

At Washington Heights Veterinary Clinic, we can handle any emergencies that come to us during our regular business hours. Our staff is well-trained in emergency procedures, and we have the equipment necessary to care for your pet. While we are not staffed overnight, those pets that are deemed stable may be allowed to remain in our hospital.

If the pet is in critical condition and requires constant monitoring overnight, we will recommend that the owner transport the pet to either the emergency department at Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists or VERGI.

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