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What Happens During Your Pet's Cardiac Workup

You're starting the new year by making your pet's heart health a priority. Here is what to expect during his or her cardiac workout. You will meet with the technician who will be caring for your pet during his or her day with us. At this time, we will obtain a medical history and address any concerns you may have. From there, your pet will be taken to our treatment area where we will obtain a temperature, pulse and respiration, or what we call a TPR.

When obtaining a TPR, we're checking that the patient's pulse matches their heart rhythm. Next, we will take an ECG, or electrocardiogram, which allows us to record the electrical current of the heart and graph its functioning. This ECG comes with complimentary belly rubs and unlimited peanut butter. Next stop is our radiology suite where we will take chest films of the heart at various angles. This allows for comprehensive imaging of the heart. Finally, the doctor will perform a cardiac auscultation, review the ECG printout and your pet's x-ray images. Hopefully, your pet will receive a clean bill of health. Should there be any abnormal findings, further testing will be recommended. You and your pet's doctor will have an opportunity to build a heart health plan together.

The goal of our Hearts to Hearts promotion is to help you be proactive and catch heart disease in it's most treatable stage.